Fasta Pasta: Reviewing the Pasta Boat

Do you live in a dorm or are you simply sick of working all day at the stove? Your battle to make superb pasta at home or on the fly is about to come to an abrupt end. You and I might find the solution to our demand for rapid pasta in Cathy Mitchell’s book Pasta Boat. The Pasta Boat can cook, serve, store, and drain pasta without any additional problems, doing five tasks in one appliance. The benefit of this is that you can impress your coworkers at work with freshly made pasta rather than reheated leftovers!

I only needed to put the pasta in and add water to get started using this simple pasta maker; the microwave took care of the cooking! After the microwave beeps, all you have to do is add the sauce and any additional ingredients, and presto! Awesome pasta. While my kids enjoy making a mess with spaghetti, they don’t like it when the sauce adheres to them because I overcooked the noodles.

Noodles lose their starchy qualities when they are overcooked, resulting in awful sticky messes. Another plastic container to save the day? I know what you’re thinking, but it never gets the attention it deserves. Why is Pasta Boat unique compared to other things? The Pasta Boat is the ideal solution to your issues because the microwave delivers food at the ideal temperature.

The Pasta Boat’s simplicity of use and the range of foods you can prepare with it, including delicious Penne, Rigatoni, Macaroni, Shells, and more quickly and easily, astounded me. The Pasta Boat remain cool handles have made it impossible for me to have my hands burned when I touch hot pot handles, which is not the best move on my part.

So, at this point, you might be wondering if you can cook vegetables in the pasta machine that I consider to be the best. The great thing about this As Seen on TV product is that you can use the steam rack to enjoy cooked vegetables and potatoes that are both soft and full of nutrients.

There are lots of delights in this As Seen on TV item. Two strainer lids, four measuring handles, two steam racks, and two quick and simple recipe booklets were included when I took this item out of the packaging. You didn’t think they would let you go it alone, did you? and 1 food processor (in case you do not have the Slap Chop)

Overall, I believe that the Pasta Boat is more valuable because of how simple it is to use, how many materials you get, and how many different things you can make with it.

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