The Most Precise 4-Question Personality Test

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

During World War II, it was founded to assist women in obtaining jobs and replacing men who had gone off to fight. They received a short report after answering some questions, indicating where they could find the most successful work.

When it comes to hiring employees, some Western businesses do use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

1. You’re completely drained because your week has been long and uneventful. What are your plans for the weekend?

I’m going to call my friends and inquire about their plans. I heard that a new restaurant has opened, that a good comedy is playing in the theaters, and that the paintball club is offering major discounts. We should all get together and go out. E

I’ll leave my phone in “Do not disturb” mode and sit at home. I’m going to watch a new episode of my favorite television show, solve a puzzle, and take a long bath while reading a book. I

2. Which of these 2 descriptions suits you more?

For me, the most important thing is what is going on right now. I evaluate real-life scenarios and pay close attention to the finer points. S
Facts are tedious. I enjoy daydreaming and mentally rehearsing future activities. More than knowledge, I depend on intuition. N

3. Your new employer’s rival is attempting to recruit you. You have reservations because the pay is significantly higher there, but the staff here is fantastic. Furthermore, the head of your department hinted that when he retires, he would recommend you to the superiors. What method would you use to make your decision?

I’ll gather all available information about the rival, seek advice from my HR boss, and create a map outlining all of the advantages and disadvantages. In such situations, it’s important to consider all of the points and evaluate the situation objectively. T

I’ll pay attention to my emotions. I make every effort to obey my heart. F

4. There are only two weeks before your close friends’ wedding. How are things going with the preparations?

I selected the saxophonist who will perform a medley of our school songs a month ago, gathered the couple’s picture love tale, wrote a poem, pressed my suit, and scheduled appointments with the stylist and makeup master. I’d rather be fully armed. J

What is the point of preparing? At the dance, I’ll be having a good time and enjoying myself. My wedding speech will be made upon the spot. The best things happen on their own time. P

And now you can find your personality type according to Myers-Briggs!


You’re practical and consistent, and you want to keep things in order by preparing and arranging them. But, above all, you enjoy persuading others of your righteousness and persuading them to believe as you do. You take a realistic approach to life and, above all, you believe in reality.
You are open to communicating with others, meeting new people, and attending parties. You never fail to look after your loved ones and have a strong ability to show your affection.

11% men, 6% women


For you, life is a challenge and intense. This is how you come to understand yourself and others. You are quickly motivated to start something new because you are risky and courageous. At the same time, you accurately evaluate your skills, both strengths, and weaknesses.
You have a keen sense of emerging trends and are receptive to new ideas. You have a good attitude and a passion for sports and everything related to it.

3% men, 1% women


You get along well with everyone and are the life of every crowd. You are attentive, caring, and always willing to help, even if it means sacrificing your own interests for the sake of others.
Nonetheless, you are very self-sufficient in your dealings and, on the whole, you get it without any outside assistance. All you have to do now is wait for emotional support from your friends and family.

17% women, 8% men


“It’s more important to participate than to win.” This isn’t about you at all. You can use all means necessary to achieve your objectives, including physical power. You adhere to a strict schedule and despise dependencies and compromises.
You’re a natural warrior who is extremely active and well-organized. Even in the most difficult situations, you can objectively assess the situation and react quickly and precisely.

6% men, 3% women


You have expressive facial expressions and gesticulations and are emotional and talkative. You have strong empathy for other people’s feelings and can detect even the tiniest insincerity. In love relationships, you are envious and suspicious.
Because of your ability to sense future events, you are frequently prepared to meet them.

3% women, 2% men


You’re an idea maker who’s still trying to come up with something different. You quickly adapt to unfamiliar conditions and learn a variety of work methods.
You often change your professional spheres and hobbies due to your disdain of conventions and routine, resulting in you becoming an innovator and a revolutionary. What’s important about you is that you can not only come up with new ideas, but you can also communicate them to others and make them a reality.

4% men, 2% women


You have the ability to assess the opportunities in your environment professionally, and you often use this ability to exploit others. When communicating with others, you are primarily concerned with your own personal interests. You, on the other hand, want to please others and project the picture of a simple individual.
You want to stay in the present moment to avoid wasting time. You dislike bureaucracy and red tape and want immediate performance.

10% women, 7% men


You’re vivacious and inquisitive, with strong artistic abilities. You have traits of both introverts and extroverts, which explains why you not only get along well with others but also empathize well. You’re a natural at giving advice.
You see life as a whole, with all of its possibilities. You have a vivid imagination as well as a high IQ. You’re a very peaceful individual who can maintain equilibrium even in a rapidly evolving world.

10% women, 6% men


Your inner peace and self-agreement are always first in your mind as a lyricist and dreamer. The majority of your thought takes place deep inside you. Nonetheless, you have a keen sense of foresight and a good understanding of people.
You enjoy dressing up and attempting to look nice in all situations. You can’t be described as frugal, and you sometimes lose track of time and reality.

5% women, 4% men


Simple pleasures can bring you joy, and you can easily cope with routine and monotony. You like to be wanted, which is why you still try to support others while staying out of their way. You can’t bear fights, and you can still make people laugh by entertaining them.
You’re a down-to-earth, realistic, loving, tender, trustworthy, and loyal partner. You accept the world as it is, never attempting to control or exploit it.

10% women, 8% men


You’re an egghead and a philosopher who dislikes excessive expressiveness. You’re really looking for peace and warmth. When it comes to making decisions, you’re extremely cautious, preferring to evaluate and relate the past, present, and future.
You are very sensitive to changes and can not cope well with them. You are always trying to gather all of your facts, emotions, and ideas, which is why you are always nervous.

5% men, 2% women


You have an uncanny ability to read people and their relationships. People seek your guidance because you can easily detect moods and secret talents. You, on the other hand, are extremely weak and cannot tolerate violence or a lack of affection.
Your guiding force is intuition, which is directed inward rather than outward. This type of person is always learning and considers self-improvement to be a top priority. You help others by getting to know yourself.

2% women, 1% men


You have the most beautiful inner universe from which to draw your brilliant ideas. You aspire for perfection and want to make all and everyone better.
However, you have some problems in interpersonal relationships, and you often distance yourself from others to show your freedom. You can prioritize your tasks and depend on your instincts.

3% men, 1% women


In partnerships, you can’t bear deception and insincerity. You immediately recognize “strangers” and keep them at a safe distance. You do anything for the people “within your circle” and never ask for anything in return.
You are perceptive and cautious in your speech and actions. You are kind and compassionate, and your primary aim is to assist others and make them happy.

19% women, 8% men


In general, the handyman has a mechanical mentality and prefers to do things by hand. You don’t rush your choices and believe that it’s easier to be cautious twice than to be wrong once. You, on the other hand, often reach deadlines and are extremely punctual by default. You see the world through your feelings, and you have a very objective and precise perspective on what is going on around you. By definition, you are communicative, but you will refuse communication once you feel insincerity.

9% men, 2% women


Considerate, reflective, and responsible. You are trustworthy, but you never accept things as they are, instead of analyzing any piece of knowledge that comes your way. Long-term contact is uninteresting to you, and you prefer official communication only during companionship. You’re aiming for the end goal.
You enjoy strictness and order, and you are often pedantic. You just exist in the “here and now,” not in your dreams.

15% men, 7% women

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