How much water is needed to make homemade almond milk (per liter of almonds)?

107 liters of Water are required to make 1litre of Almond Milk versus 8litres of Water for 1litre of Milk! Are dairy Alternatives really more Sustainable?

For the research people have asked for Dr. Tim Hess has stated that findings are yet to be published but he did give me the following assumption.

• The Almond Board of California has estimated 1.7 US gallons of (blue) water per almond. This is equivalent to 6.44 liters per almond.
• The average weight of 1 almond is 1.2 g.
• Almond milk ~2% almonds (e.g. Alpro Roasted Almond Unsweetened Fresh Drink is 2.3% almonds), so 1 liter of almond milk contains ~20 g almonds or 16.7 nuts
• So, 16.7 nuts x 6.44 litres per nut = 107 litres of blue water per litre

This compares with 7.5 liters of blue water per liter (Hess et al.) for cow’s milk.

NB. We only consider ‘blue’ water – which is water withdrawn from water resources. In the case of almonds, this is irrigation water. For cow’s milk it is drinking and service water, etc. We do not consider it appropriate to include rainwater used by grass for the cow’s feed as this water has no complete uses.

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