Acne: 5 Ways to Get Rid of It

Almost everybody has seen Jessica Simpson and Sean “Diddy” Combs’ late-night and early-morning acne infomercials. They would believe that if a celebrity trusts anything, you should as well. The product’s claims sound unbelievable, but for many people, it may be the cure they’ve been waiting for. Nonetheless, it is not for all.

My daughter, who had developed a bad case of acne in recent years, tried the infomercial cure and found it to be completely ineffective. She was a young adolescent who was troubled by acne breakouts and wanted a quick remedy. We went to the local dermatologist for acne facts and answers after failing to find a fast solution. 

The doctor prescribed a cream and oral medicine for her. Her acne had almost vanished after following his orders for a few weeks. This was the best choice for her, but it may not be the best option for you – we’re all different.

Here are a few general pointers I’ve picked up over the years:
1. If you have oily skin, you can use a medicated acne product or one that comes in a gel shape.
2. If you have dry skin, acne creams and medicated products containing benzoyl peroxide or silicic acid are likely to work better.

3. If you have both oily and dry skin (combination type), you’ll probably need a combination of oily and dry skin gels and acne creams to apply to various areas of your face depending on the skin condition.

4. If you have sensitive skin, you’ll probably need fewer concentrated doses of dry, oily, or mixed treatments.

5. If you have acne-related skin irritation, you should see a dermatologist for treatment.

Many people suffer from skin problems on a daily basis. You’d assume that with the advancements in research, the acne epidemic would have been solved long ago and acne would be a distant memory. Regrettably, the age-old trust killer is still alive and well.

Now that I’ve reached middle age, I’m in a different position when it comes to unsightly blemishes. Now that I’ve moisturized my face, I’ve noticed that it’s a little sticky and I’m getting acne breakouts. The lack of acne is one of the few things I look forward to as I grow older.

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