10 Viral videos showing human emotions for animals

Animal lovers will swear that their animals have human feelings whilst people argue that human beings are the only animals to feel emotion. But current scientific studies show animals feel a vast array of emotions, such as joy, compassion, resentment, shame, fear, discomfort, jealousy, sorrow, indignation, and more.

10 of the best viral videos showing human emotions to animals and pets.

1. After years of separation, Christian the lion with his owners John Rendall and Anthony ‘Ace’ Bourke have gathered. This pair possessed him as a cub and gave him the rest of his life to George Adamson, known in Kenya as the “lion man.” The meeting was incredible.
2. A decade before his death and even mourning of his death Robin Williams met the late Koko the Gorilla (see pictured above), the famous silverback with a penchant for kittens and signs.
3. When he gets a massage, a hedgehog shows pure joy.

4. At a farm animal sanctuary, Paul the cow gets a massage.
5. Cats and their humans reuniting. See what I mean? Cats aren’t indifferent or unfeeling. They’re simply self-sufficient.
6. Cockatiels who are envious of Beans and Beeps: It appears that Beans resents Beeps receiving some publicity.

7. Hachiko, the true story of a devoted dog who remained at the train station after his human father died. It was such a touching story that not only was a statue dedicated to Hachi and his dedication erected at the train station, but two films based on the heartwarming (and heartbreaking) tale were made (the most recent starring Richard Gere).

8. Max the cockatoo is against going to the veterinarian. He also seems to have invented his own “I’m mad” expression, which some might find endearing, but you’d better watch out when you see his physical reactions to being told he’s going to the vet!
9. Parrots expressing their affection for and missing their human mother.
10. After being caught eating kitty snacks, Denver the dog shows his guilt.

There have been many videos of dogs, cats, chimpanzees, elephants, and other domestic and wild animals grieving the loss of a pack member. Many people have been caught on camera attempting to save friends who have died in car crashes, often at the cost of their own lives.

New mother cows have been caught on camera crying as their calves are separated from them, and a viral video of a doomed pig about to be slaughtered, only to have its friend burst out of a pen and startle the farmers, allowing it to wriggle free, has recently gone viral. Animals have been shown to alert humans of possible strokes, cancer, epilepsy seizures, and other medical problems.

Regardless of which side you land on, these examples are thought-provoking in that they show that pets are more than mere fluffy, feathery, or scaly companions. We must treat them as family members and treat them with love and reverence.

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